Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Scofield Heresies Part 1

This article contains information on the heretical views of Dr. Scofield as mentioned in his 1917 reference notes.

First the idea of dispensationalism is utterly ridiculous. No flesh was EVER saved by works; not before the old testament not during the old testament nor under the new testament.

Dr. Scofield incorrectly states in his notes on what he has termed the ADAMIC covenant (extra-biblical terminology, whatever happened to Sola Scriptura?) that

The Second Dispensation: Conscience. By disobedience man came to a personal and experimental knowledge of good and evil--of good as obedience, of evil as disobedience to the known will of God. Through that knowledge conscience awoke. Expelled from Eden and placed under the second, or ADAMIC COVENANT, man was responsible to do all known good, to abstain from all known evil, and to approach God through sacrifice. The result of this second testing of man is stated in Genesis 6:5 and the dispensation ended in the judgment of the Flood. Apparently "the east of the garden" Genesis 3:24 where were the cherubims and the flame, remained the place of worship through this second dispensation. See for the other six dispensations:

There are serious problems with his theology. He says that the ADAMIC covenant ended with the judgment of the Flood, implying either that conscience of sin ended or that man was then saved by works. We know that sin did not just suddenly disappear at the Flood and we also know that no flesh was ever saved by works as that is impossible. So we have that Dr. Scofield (and his followers) are willingly ignorant of the truth of the scriptures.

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