Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Funding a ''Better'' FDA?

Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Funding a ''Better'' FDA?: " Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Funding a ''Better'' FDA? Considering commerce -- specifically the financial health of mega-drugmakers -- is of greater urgency to the FDA than your health, why would anyone want to throw more money after bad into that failed icon of faulty medicine? Unfortunately, that's precisely the recommendation being made by consumer and patients groups, the industry, previous leaders of the Health and Human Services Department and even the Center for Science in the Public Interest. I'm not surprised this announcement comes days after the Institute of Medicine issued a scathing report calling for changes in the way the FDA regulates drugs. Despite the diverse interests of this group, former associate FDA director William Hubbard says, all believe the FDA 'has to be strengthened or we're all going to suffer.' What would more money really mean to the FDA? Severing its ties with the drug company cartel? Approving more deadly drugs? Calling a halt to the silencing of brave whistleblowers within the age"

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